A Creativity Tip From: Gary Green

Your hand does not have eyes. So even though it’s doing the work, don’t let it make the decisions.

Concentrate on blocking colors and getting your shapes correct. Detail work will hold you up. You’ll have plenty of time for shaping and refining later. And it will be so much easier if you get your major shapes correct up front.

Maintain your negative space. Make sure those trees have some bird holes in them! (I have a hard time with this)

Have intent with your brush stroke
Where are you starting the stroke?
Where is your paint on the brush, and how will it land on the canvas?
Do you need a lot of paint on the brush? A little? Load your brush with clear intent.
Do you have or need more than one color on your brush at any one time?
What level of pressure do you need to use?
What speed will you use with your stroke?
Are you ready to easily eliminate the stroke if it doesn’t come out the way you hoped? If not, you might be inclined to just say, “Well, it’s good enough” or “I’ll fix it later.” That only creates more work for you later.

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