Frederick Childe Hassam – “The Alarm, Firelight, Boston”

Childe Hassam (1859-1935) was an American who studied painting in Paris and brought the basic tenets of Impressionism back with him when he returned to the United States. His most famous paintings chronicles the major cities of New York, Boston and Paris during the turn of the century. We know that most Impressionist painters spend their time creating landscapes and more bucolic settings on their canvases, so this makes Hassam unusual within the movement, though he painted beautiful landscapes as well.

Here are links to some of my favorite Hassam paintings, courtesy of the Athanaeum.

Acorn Street, Boston – 1919

July Fourteenth, Rue Daunou – 1910

Late Afternoon, New York: Winter – 1900

Ten Pound Island – 1896

Childe Hassam, American Impressionist Painter

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