Granville Redmond – “The Mighty Deep” (1918)

Granville Redmond contracted scarlet fever at the age of two and became permanently deaf as a result. His family enrolled him in the School for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind at Berkeley in 1879 where he learned pantomime, painting and sculpting. He took his talent for communicating without words to Los Angeles in 1917, and got into silent pictures, where he met Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin became a fan of both Redmond’s paintings and his ability to transmit emotion non-verbally, casting him in many of his films, and setting up a private painting studio for him on the lot.

Redmond went on to become one of California’s most acclaimed Impressionist painters.
Artist Granville Redmond and Charlie Chaplin

Granville Redmond – Artworks at The

Granville Redmond – “Going Hollywood” at

“California Landscape with Flowers” by Granville Redmond – The Irvine Museum

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