Work in Progress: Granberry’s Garden #3 – November 12, 2016

Here’s a progress report:

I started playing around with the two patches in the lower third.  That will prove to set me back a day or so because now I have to go back and add highlights again.  And as you can see, the patch in the lower left has become grassy.  We’ll see if that stays.  I’m laying odds it won’t.  The three bushes just behind the grass have been dubbed Papa, Mama and Baby Bear.  I plan on adding a few more highlights and a couple of wildflowers just in front of them.  Maybe some lavender, which should pop nicely off the green.

The pots for the hanging plants have been re-painted so many times, I’ve finally decided they look just fine, so I’m all wrapped up there.  I also added some dark green and blue to the cracks in the walkway for a bit of a mossy touch.  A few scattered leaves may follow.  And now, about that damn bench.

The bench is the biggest challenge for me.  The angle and the grating, getting the colors just right to indicate shading and highlights, while having to delicately preserve the structure I’ve worked so hard to build.  I was having trouble with the legs in their actual tones because they were too close to the dark green of the grass for me to see if I had the shape right, so I switched them to Titanium White, and that helped me settle on final structure.  I’ll darken them again next.

I may leave the bench less than ideal, so I can move on to the next painting instead of sweating it for days and days to once.  Perfect isn’t everything.

Overall, I like where the painting is headed as I get into the final stretch.  I’m excited to move on to something new.  I hope to have this done by November 14th.

Keep checking back to see if I do it.

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